The information conglomerate Thomson Reuters, in a press release announcing an “expanded vision” for its “professional-grade GenAI assistant”:

CoCounsel is an AI assistant that acts like a team member – handling complex tasks with natural language understanding. Completing tasks at superhuman speeds, CoCounsel provides high-quality information at the right time, maintains multiple threads of work, as well as keeping context and memory across the different tasks and products customers use each day. By augmenting professional work with GenAI skills, CoCounsel delivers accelerated and streamlined workflows, enables professionals to produce higher-quality work more quickly, all while keeping customer data secure.1

The CoCounsel name is, it seems, a nod to Thomson Reuters’ Westview and other legal businesses—and a lazy riff on Microsoft’s Copilot. Either way, another publishing-adjacent colossus picking up its pace in the race to re-monetize “content” through AI.

  1. Probably written by CoCounsel.  ↩︎