Jaap Nieuwenhuis, in a fun piece in The Information Society on paper titles:

The question “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” has been asked repeatedly in academic work since 1992, suggesting that it is still unclear whether people (or animals, or cells) should stay or go. If we consider science to be a cumulative process, in which researchers base their work on the findings from work done by others before them, we can conclude that in this specific field of inquiry, we have yet to reach a scientific consensus. Moreover, considering the incremental rate at which “Stay or Go” contributions are being published, it is likely that this consensus is still far in the future.

The 1982 Clash song has graced 408 paper titles, according to Nieuwenhuis.

A suggestion for future research is no longer use “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” in the titles of research articles. Building upon this suggestion, another may be to first do a literature search to check if the title you came up with has already been used. Like in music, a cover song can be refreshing now and then, and sometimes even be better than the original; however, after 408 times, this may not happen anymore.