Dahl Shaulis, writing for Higher Education Inquirer about 2U’s in-progress implosion:

2U, a Lanham, Maryland-based edtech company and parent company edX, is facing layoffs of an estimated 200 to 400 workers--a significant number for a company that only employs a few thousand--amid more rumors that the company is for sale.
In 2022 and 2023, the Wall Street Journal (Lisa Bannon), Chronicle of Higher Education (Mike Vasquez), and USA Today (Chris Quintana) investigated 2U after a few US senators sounded the alarm about consumers being fleeced by 2U and other OPMs. 
With 2U's reputation in shambles and layoffs ahead, the parent company wrapped itself around the more respectable edX brand. Byju's, an Indian edtech firm, was said to be looking at 2U or Chegg as a possible acquisition (Byju’s is now facing its own problems).  

Quite a legacy for edX, the nonprofit that Harvard and MIT sold (in one of the all-time higher-ed betrayals) to 2U in 2021. At the time, Harvard’s Alan Garber—then provost, now acting president—lauded the purchase: “Of course we conducted an extensive diligence process before deciding to move forward with an acquisition of edX by 2U [… ] They have committed to continuing the mission of edX — in fact, this is spelled out in our agreements with them — and we’re confident it is the right company to take edX to the next level.“

Nailed it.