From the press release announcing Clarivate’s partnership with AI21 Labs (“a pioneer in generative artificial intelligence”):

The collaboration will integrate large language models into solutions from Clarivate, to enable intuitive academic conversational search and discovery, specifically designed to foster researcher excellence and drive success for researchers and students, while adhering to core academic principles and values. AI has the potential to revolutionize the world, but its effectiveness relies heavily on the quality of the training data. With billions of trusted, curated, articles, books, documents and propriety best in class data points, Clarivate is well-placed to lead the market on this opportunity, providing customers with the highest quality open, licensed and proprietary content, data and insights while mitigating associated risks.

So here’s another surveillance business to layer on top of all the Web of Science/ProQuest subscription revenue: selling scholars’ behavioral data as AI training data. Insult to injury.