From Sarah Kearns’ just-published editorial manifesto for Commonplace:

The landscape of knowledge sharing and dissemination is expansive. […] Moreover, critique floods the ecosystem partially rightly so given the many challenges and limitations of current infrastructures. There are few publications in the scholarly communications space that seek explicitly to focus on emerging models and to spark the inspiration and sustain the momentum needed for change. Through curated and co-created essays, series, podcasts, and other formats, Commonplace aims to be movement toward knowledge sharing futures and the cultures that sustain them.

The outlet, edited by Kearns, is published by the nonprofit Knowledges Futures,1 on its PubPub platform (of which I’m a fan). Kearns’ manifesto comes on the heels of Commonplace’s announcement that it will pay contributors and expand its pallet of formats, itself not long after Kearns and co. released a new style guide.

  1. Just as The Commonplace appears to have dropped its The, the Knowledge Futures Group seems to have lopped off its third word.