From Arxiv’s blog last week:

New among the membership benefits that all institutions receive, is access to a personalized digital dashboard, containing an overview of the articles their researchers have posted on the platform. […] To provide this information, arXiv is partnering with Scopus to optimize that publication data and increase institution’s visibility of their researcher contributions.

Yikes: arXiv in bed with Elsevier. As arXiv later clarified, Scopus is using arXiv’s open APIs, so there’s no private data capture. As Open Book Publishers’ Rupert Gatti wrote on Twitter:

The additional info is helpful – suggesting that Scopus is using the open api as anybody else can. But what does it mean that Scopus was ‘selected’ to provide submission data? Could another entity (eg @OpenAlex_org) provide an alternative for you? any Scopus exclusivity clause?