Alberto Pepe, Matteo Cantiello, and Josh Nicholson, in [their arXiv paper calling on arXiv to overhaul itself](

> **Disclaimer:** This article has originally been written and posted on Authorea, a collaborative online platform for technical and data-driven documents. Authorea is being developed to respond to some of the concerns with current methodology raised in this very piece, and as such is suggested as a possible future alternative to existing preprint servers.

The [paper]( doesn't mention that Authorea is [owned by Atypon](, which itself is a [subsidiary]( of publishing oligopolist Wiley. All three authors are affiliated with the Wiley-owned platform.

Which begs the question: will the arXiv of the future be nonprofit?

**Update:** The [paper]( was [originally published in 2017](, before Authorea was acquired by Wiley. A webpage version was posted to arXiv’s experimental [html5 renderer]( with a 2022 time stamp, which confused me and many others across Twitter about its pub date.