Jeroen Sondervan, in an Open Access Books Network (OABN) post:

Under the banner and with the support of the Open Access Books Network, I organized the series ‘OA Books Workouts’, which were five talks (45 minutes) with humanities scholars from different disciplines (e.g. history, media and innovation studies) about their research and book project. All of them, in their own way, have experimented with innovative ways of openly writing and publishing. 
You don’t often hear about the experiences of scholars who dared to go off the beaten track, or scholars who are intrinsically motivated to opt for open working methods and access, which often also serves a very specific purpose that benefits their research. That is precisely why I wanted to start the OA Books Workouts series, so others can hear about and learn from these open research and publishing practices, with the aim of enabling others to do the same. 

The full post—which includes links to the recorded presentations—is worth reading. It was a pleasure to in the series.