Erin Rose Glass, in a [smart 2019 post I only just discovered](

> Open access has a surveillance problem.

> No, I don’t mean to suggest that open access is necessarily surveillant, or that it is aiding and abetting the digital surveillance industrial complex—although it certainly can.

> The problem is much worse.

Glass [draws on]( Shoshana Zuboff's now-famous sketch of [surveillance capitalism]( to warn about the, well, *compatibility* of OA with Elsevier et al.'s data turn.

As Glass states (from [her own CUNY experience](, there's nothing inevitable about monetized OA data. Keeping OA in-house and nonprofit is the [crucial bulwark](

**Bonus:** The [review of Zuboff *Surveillance Capitalism* reviews]( that Sue Curry Jansen and I recently published in *New Media & Society*.