A Salesforce exec, in [an October post](https://www.salesforce.org/blog/hed-speeding-up-digital-transformation/) hawking the company's software tools :

> In a matter of months, higher education institutions have had to [reinvent themselves](https://www.salesforce.org/blog/resources-for-education-institutions-navigating-covid-19/) from physical hubs of learning to digital enablers of the student journey. And while no one knows exactly how the education experience will change in the future, it’s safe to say that colleges and universities need to be agile, adaptable, and flexible enough to embrace the 'next normal' and future disruption.

Impressive: *agile*, *next* *normal*, and *disruption* all in one sentence.

> Some forward-thinking higher education leaders have already taken steps to form wider and deeper ties with students. Although years behind most consumer product companies, they’re following the retail and service sectors in implementing technology to make the student and alumni experience seamless. Picture using the underlying technologies in Amazon one-click, Spotify recommendations, or the Apple Watch’s health tracking for higher education.

I can picture it. Holy hell is that a grim image.

(h/t [Ben Williamson](https://www.teaching-matters-blog.ed.ac.uk/bringing-politics-back-in-to-plans-for-the-digital-transformation-of-higher-education/))