eLife's Paul Shannon, in an [interview with Scholastica on its new Sciety service](https://blog.scholasticahq.com/post/connecting-preprints-reviews-sciety/):

> So we started to develop features where you could see content in a Twitter-like feed and then follow different communities that you could come back to regularly. We’re effectively building social networking features into an aggregation service and that’s what Sciety is now. New users come to view a peer review on a preprint and then they’re encouraged to stay or come back to follow all of the work being shared in the different reviewing communities.

[Sciety](https://sciety.org) basically brings together existing preprint reviewing initiatives like [PREreview](https://www.prereview.org) and [Review Commons](https://www.reviewcommons.org), and serves up new preprint reviews in a feed. It's getting released and iterated at the same time—the agile process [discussed in the interview](https://blog.scholasticahq.com/post/connecting-preprints-reviews-sciety/)—so it's threadbare for the moment. But it's a promising [tool](https://sciety.org) in the march to a more robust [publish-then-review model](https://www.jeffpooley.com/2020/12/publication-as-curation/) built on preprints.