[Huge news](https://news.mit.edu/2020/guided-by-open-access-principles-mit-ends-elsevier-negotiations-0611) from [MIT Libraries](by-open-access-principles-mit-ends-elsevier-negotiations-0611):

> Standing by its commitment to provide equitable and open access to scholarship, MIT has ended negotiations with Elsevier for a new journals contract.

MIT [cited](https://news.mit.edu/2020/guided-by-open-access-principles-mit-ends-elsevier-negotiations-0611) its unique [Framework for Publisher Contracts](https://libraries.mit.edu/scholarly/publishing/framework/) in the decision to cancel Elsevier. The Libraries director, Chris Bourg, did not mince words in the Institute's [press release](https://news.mit.edu/2020/guided-by-open-access-principles-mit-ends-elsevier-negotiations-0611):

> I am disappointed that we were not able to reach a contract with Elsevier that honors the principles of the MIT Framework, but I am proud knowing that the MIT community — as well as hundreds of colleagues across the country — stand by the importance of these principles for advancing the public good and the progress of science.

The muscular cancellation is a piece with MIT's leadership on OA issues, not least with its library's cross-campus peer, [MIT Press](https://mitpress.mit.edu).