Trevor Parry-Giles, in a Scholarly Kitchen guest post on learned societies in the age of coronavirus:

For the new normalcy to be truly adaptive and transformative, learned societies must be flexible even as we conserve. The learned society must be self-reflective in its determination of the new normal — making long-term, programmatic decisions in the midst of a medium or short-term crisis is arguably not the wisest plan of action. Crafting a new normalcy must be deliberate, careful, and prudent.

Parry-Giles is executive director of the National Communication Association (NCA)—one of the big associations in my home discipline, communication.

It’s nice to see Parry-Giles call for the conversation, but I was surprised that the post makes no mention of journals or open access.

Like many scholarly societies, NCA has a stable of paywalled journals outsourced to one of the commercial oligopolists—complete with a 18-month preprint embargo.

A transition to OA should be a central aim of any new normal for professional societies.