The late Jon Tennant, in [one among a flurry of writings]( before his [tragic death](

> the lever here is having research funders helping libraries to guide their funding decisions more wisely and responsibly. One such way could be to stop trying to mandate individuals (i.e., researchers) to behave in a certain way, which is an endless and inefficient task, and does not address either the socioeconomic or technical problems mentioned above. Instead, mandate research institutes to step up their game and provide a modern, sustainable, technical infrastructure that helps to address the issues of reliability, affordability, and functionality that our global scholarship system is facing and in dire need of fixing.

The [idea]( is, in effect, to ask funders (like the Gates Foundation or national research agencies) to make their grants for scholars contingent on their universities' support for, and use, of a (nonprofit, academy-owned) infrastructure.

> This mandate could be the lever to shift the entire system into one that is functional and sustainable, and in the best interests of all parties; except potentially for the profits of the largest publishing houses. It would also simultaneously liberate substantial funds to increase research functionality, reliability, and affordability, and potentially lead to a healthier research culture.