Roger Schonfeld and Christine Wolff-Eisenberg, in a Scholarly Kitchen post on the latest Ithaka S+R library survey (conducted before the lockdowns):

Half of library directors say that they will likely cancel a major journal package in the next five years. We have not asked this question previously, so it is impossible to know that the figure has trended higher, but it certainly is a remarkably strong response. Across the half of survey respondents that reported being “very” or “extremely” likely to make such a cancellation, we see that the proportion is quite consistent across institution type.


A relatively small share of libraries plan on pivoting to transformative agreements to bundle publishing and subscription costs; only about 20 percent strongly agree it is a high priority to bundle open access publish fees with subscription costs.

There’s a game of chicken underway, as the oligopolist publishers see success—especially in Europe—in pivoting to open access with their usurious margins intact.