Dane Kennedy, in a Chronicle commentary [paywall] on the Disney Institute deal with George Washington University, where he teaches:

Our president is rumored to have forked over $3 million to $4 million to the Disney Institute to improve our culture (he refuses to reveal the cost). A select group of faculty and staff members, those identified as opinion leaders, are being offered all-expenses-paid trips to the Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Fla., “to gain firsthand insight into Disney’s approach to culture.” For everyone else, the university is conducting culture-training workshops that run up to two hours. All staff members and managers are required to attend. Faculty members are strongly “encouraged” to participate, and some contract faculty members, who have little job security, evidently have been compelled to do so.

The Chronicle piece is the prequel to last week’s reflection on the UK parallel from Liz Morrish.