Gary Hall and Janneke Adema, in an interview for Open Insights on their Community-led Open Publicaiton Infrastructure for Monographs project (funded by Research England):

COPIM is working towards the creation of a collaborative rather than competitive ecosystem. It will be a collaborative ecosystem that, together with stimulating innovation in infrastructures, workflows and digital knowledge production, will support not-for-profit organisations involved in OA book publishing to scale in a horizontal manner by building alliances with other not-for-profit players—including presses, libraries and universities. All those with a shared interest in the public value of knowledge, in other words.

The focus on a scholar-led, library-partnered nonprofit infrastructure is exciting—and well-timed given the draft plans to require UK-supported monographs, book chapters, and edited collections be open by 2024. The key will be the actual models and shared infrastructure that the group develops. Hall and Adema refer, enticingly, to

knowledge transfer to the community through the various pilots we will be running around funding, business models, open disseminations systems, experimental publishing and the reuse and archiving of multimodal books.