Martin Eve, on the Taylor & Francis acquisition of F1000:

What is actually happening here is that T&F is neutralizing the threat of Plan S. The Plan states that funded research must be published in pure (not hybrid) gold OA venues or under zero-embargo green. If these venues do not exist, because publishers do not convert their journals, then funders plan to ‘in a coordinated way, provide incentives to establish and support them when appropriate; support will also be provided for Open Access infrastructures where necessary’. I call these the ‘threat infrastructures’.

But the threat infrastructures are now not threatening to T&F. It is my prediction that T&F will not fully convert its journal portfolio to pure gold to comply with Plan S. The reason for this is that if they control the threat infrastructures, then they will profit if researchers do turn there. If the Plan falls through, though, then they have not had to risk any conversion of their existing titles.