A [second funding round](https://scoss.org/) announced by the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Service (SCOSS):

> Three Open Science infrastructure services have been vetted by SCOSS and selected for our second funding cycle: the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) and Open Access Publishing in European Networks (OAPEN), the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and OpenCitations.

The coalition is, in effect, a recommendation service—a mechanism to direct library-members' attention and funds to important components of the non-commercial infrastructure for scholarly publishing. Efforts like this, and the recently launched [Invest in Open Infrastructure](https://investinopen.org) initiative, are the future--if there is one--of an academy-led landscape. The core idea is to divert existing library spending from the oligopolistic for-profits to an alternative, non-profit system: the [library solution](https://items.ssrc.org/parameters/the-library-solution-how-academic-libraries-could-end-the-apc-scourge/).