A [joint letter from 21 academics](https://medium.com/@brembs/learned-societies-lean-to-the-green-f904336f51ad), on the now-notorious [AAP letter](https://presspage-production-content.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/1508/coalitionletteropposinglowerembargoes12.18.2019-533032.pdf) to the White House:

> The signatories of the AAP letter put profits before science, nationalism before enlightenment, and narrow-mindedness before openness. Their letter is concerned with the relatively narrow topic of who has access to scholarly works, but in fact the entire infrastructure of publicly funded science today is entwined with a publishing industry that hampers rather than facilitates science.


> In joining with publishers, the learned societies side with overcharging the taxpayer, preventing the public from collecting the returns on their investments in research, and holding science back in order to squeeze out more profits for these middlemen.

It's not just the learned societies. Nonprofit publishers like the University of Chicago Press signed on too.