From Inside Higher Ed‘s bizarre puff piece on Jersey City’s Jesuit university Saint Peter’s:

“It was a sleepy school. It didn’t do a lot of exciting things, but it educated and shaped students,” [Saint Peter’s president] said. “With the world of higher ed changing and the world itself changing, we had to do something different. Now we have more innovation on campus. We’re more forward-thinking. We’re asking, ‘What are the new fields we have to invest in? Where do we have to go to next?’”

Cornacchia said the university has established relationships with members of Jersey City’s growing business community to help administrators determine the path forward. He said the university also plans to involve business leaders, along with faculty, students and community members, in the process of developing the institution’s next strategic plan.

“Board members and alumni will come on board, business executives and people from other industries,” and will be tasked with helping administrators “start thinking outside the box” and answer important questions such as, “What are the skills that students are going to need, not next year or the following year, but for the next five years and beyond?” Advisory groups of business executives are already helping the university shape the curriculum to meet the workforce needs of local industries and employers.

Out with the old Saint Peter’s: It didn’t do a lot of exciting things, but it educated and shaped students.