[*Inside Higher Ed*](https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2020/01/28/another-boot-camp-galvanize-gets-gobbled):

> The number of independent skills boot camps continued to shrink Monday, when the online learning company K12 announced that it would purchase Galvanize, one of the largest and more successful of the newfangled organizations focused on developing short-term workplace skills.

There's a buying spree underway:

> K12 joins companies such as Chegg (which bought Thinkful last fall), 2U (which bought Trilogy Education Services), Zovio (which bought Fullstack) and Kaplan (which started the trend by buying Dev Bootcamp in 2017) in snapping up boot camps in recent years.

With the collapse of for-profit higher ed—which is to say, the direct challenge to the nonprofit system—the new play is non-degree skills training. It's on the edges of what universities do, for now.