From software firm Atypon’s press release for Manuscripts, a new web-based version of the longstanding Mac app:

Researchers continually struggle with authoring tools that aren’t built for their collaborative, data-driven projects. With Manuscripts, a free, open source web app designed specifically for scientific writing, scholarly authors can now write, collaborate, format their research papers for submission to journals—and include the code and experimental data behind their research.

Left off the press release is Wiley’s ownership of Atypon—a fact buried three links deep in the firm’s website, under a small-type “Atypon Ownership” banner:

In 2016, Atypon was acquired by Wiley, one of the world’s oldest and most successful publishers. We function as an independent business unit of Wiley, which is also an Atypon client, with Atypon’s Chairman Georgios Papadopoulos reporting to Wiley’s CEO.

Good luck finding any evidence of Wiley’s ownership on the Manuscripts landing page.