Sicco de Knecht, [writing in Science Guide]( on Elsevier's offer to exchange OA for Dutch researchers’ data:

> Friday’s revelations about the ongoing negotiations between Dutch Universities and Elsevier have led to a stream of dismayed reactions. As a negotiating offer the publisher has indicated to be willing grant open access to all of its journals – possibly even including flagship publications such as Cell and The Lancet – with no increase in contract costs. The company is willing to do this in exchange for an extensive pilot program on metadata.

A deal like this would set a disastrous precedent--rolling out the red carpet, in effect, for Elsevier's business-model pivot. Knecht quotes from the Dutch universities' leaked negotiating document:

> Elsevier is willing to work with us on a transition from the current subscription model to a renewed business model based on publication ánd on targeted software that can advance the interests of Dutch academics and institutions in their analysis and production of scientific output.

Stockholm Syndrome?