From the press release announcing the first 100 books unlocked in the Mellon + NEH-funded effort to rescue out-of-print books:

The Encore Editions include works in American and European history, literary studies, and philosophy, and represent some of the most intellectually and academically consequential scholarship published by Hopkins Press. Highlights include several works by A. O. Lovejoy, the Hopkins intellectual historian and philosopher who founded the field of History of Ideas; Pulitzer-prize winning historian Jack Rakove; and Deborah Kaplan, whose influential study of 19th-century women’s culture promoted female authority and achievement.

The titles—and there are a 100 more to go—are presented in Project Muse’s book format, with chapter-by-chapter PDF downloads. It’s an exciting project, especially if it’s mimicked. But it’s disappounting that Hopkins chose a “No Derivatives” license.