Guy Geltner, commenting on the stealthy privatization of Amsterdam University Press:

The corporate, market-blindness leading this process on the UvA’s part underscores its dismissivness of the needs and concerns of the academic community, above all in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). It also betrays a lack of transparency in the UvA’s handling of the affair as well as a cavalier attitude towards the commodification of scholarship. I, for one, hope that SSH scholars—the myriad editors, reviewers, board members and authors on whose tax-paid work the press’s success relies—will take stock of what is being promoted behind their back yet ostensibly on their behalf, namely a business model built on ignorance and exploitation. The [University of Amsterdam] has consciously lent it a hand, allowing some fishy business to go on as usual (with apologies to the fish).

The licensing agreement—by which the now-private Press gets to keep using the University’s name and logo—is reminiscent of the shady non-disclosure of Knowledge Unlatched’s pivot to profit.